Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Slight Change in Plans...

...not that we had plans to begin with. But.

We're going to live here:

It's an off-the-grid straw bale house. This is the view, twenty acres of which is part of the property:

The power is solar, the heat is propane and water comes from the sky and collects on the roof and flows into this cistern:

The person who is not me in the above picture is renting the place to us. She's from the English Midlands and I share that because Patrick asked. She's a certified clown, a published author, volunteer firefighter and has her own twenty acres just up the dirt road from us. 

Also she's awesome, as evidenced here.

The property is about a mile from the town of Madrid (say MAD-rid), New Mexico. Coal miners, hippies, artists, bikers, a very awesome pub, a yummy restaurant, country western bands, tourists and, apparently, once a very odd amalgam of movie stars spent some time together there... Lots going on for a population of about 300. 

Check it out over here.

We should be moved in by September. We may very well freeze in the winter and last, but oh so certainly not least we'll be using and one of these:

(I'm also not sure if we'll have internet access and I think my mobile phone works, but I'm not totally sure.)

Believe it!



Kate said...

So excited for you, a bit jealous, and very eager to visit! Hooray outhouses!

Jeffrey T. Baker said...

No internet access! Luddites! How will you get Kate and Will's updates? How will you justify your iPhone bill?

Seriously. How?

I'm so jealous.

Dan said...

Wait, what?

That's... awesome. It will be challenging, I'm sure, but that kind of seems like the point.

Get a motorcycle while you're at it. Seems like the perfect place to have one. (Take the safety course first, please).