Saturday, October 11, 2008

Action! Packed!

Below you will find more pictures, courtesy of Chris and Karrie, for your viewing pleasure.

But first, I must tell you that we're just about to wrap principal photography on the production of the short film tentatively titled Fine Arts. Just have Rollie, our musician, to film on Sunday and then... and then... we're done!

With that part.

Then we enter the month- to two month-long session of Brandon at the computer tweaking and nudging and cutting and splicing. Every once in a while I'll hear him say, "Shit!" And I'll say, "What?" And he won't say anything, so I'll say, "What?" again, now convinced that the computer has eaten/erased/vaporized the original footage, plus all copies of it, as well as sent a virus to the camera, and also there's a terminal bug in the software for which we paid over a thousand dollars.

And then after an interminable silence, he'll look up, notice me standing there wide-eyed and sweating, and he'll say, "Huh? Oh nothing." And my heart rate will return to normal and I'll go back to writing for a half hour or so until I hear, "Fuck! What the? Oh come on!" And the scenario begins anew.

But first... pictures!!!

These come both from that first Saturday at the Studio and the following Saturday at the Clinton St. Pub.

Super Woman Production Assistant Karrie holding the thunder stick:

Check out the ready-made ad for Clinton St. featuring the back of Phillip's head:

Here I am looking like I know what I'm doing with the thunder stick:

Here's Jeffrey looking like he knows what he's doing with the camera.

Here, perhaps not:

Half of the Company (the Artistic half), Ariana and Jeffrey:

I'm actually just talking about what I had for lunch yesterday. But it looks like I'm saying something important, yes? Though my favorite part of this image is Jeffrey's expression.

Well there it is, another photographic tour of movie making history (microcosmic).

Stay tuned for more...stuff.

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pretty Pictures of Pretty Men

Chris, the photographer boyfriend of Production Assistant Karrie, took some awesome photos of our first Saturday at the studio. Here are a few that highlight the Men of this production:

Cinematographer Jeffrey

Contemplative Background Jeffrey

Star Jon Ashley Hall

Director Brandon

Oh, don't worry. I've got more. Just you sit tight.