Monday, July 7, 2008


Sometimes I mess things up. I was trying to get the "comments" link to work properly on this here blog (comments weren't registering, even though they were there) and I became frustrated so I began pushing buttons. Apparently they were the wrong buttons. Some of the wonderful and very, very welcome comments were apparently deleted because now, I can not find them. Some comments are still here. But some have gone away.

If any of the lost comments were yours, please know that I am seriously sorry for my techo-retardation. Please please re-post! Comment long, hard and often!

It helps me to know that I'm not writing into a vortex, dancing with myself, or falling in a forest when no one's around.

1 comment:

Clutterchick said...

I don't know...suddenly commenting feels dirty. Can I comment short, gently and at intermittent intervals? Oh, that sort of sounds frigid....What's a commenter to do?