Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Locations, LLCs, and Love

The motherboard has arrived from the motherboard fixers. The mighty computer will be back online in a jiff.

While we whittled away the whiles waiting for that wonky whatnot, we’ve been working!!

In what way?

Well. It seems the yokel who wrote this thing decided our narrative should take place in not one or two, but FIVE distinct, commercially owned locations. Two bars, a flower shop, a café, and a hotel. Good job, yokel.

The bars aren’t a problem. We drink enough to have developed strong, alcohol-laden friendships in local establishments. And yes, Phil, I’m holding you to your whiskey-coke promises.

But that still leaves us to find a café, flower shop, and hotel that would be cool with the headache of an inexperienced, no-budget production company coming in and mucking up their junk. But you get nothing if you don’t try so we drove around on Saturday, pointed our wishful fingers and said, “There. That is where we want to shoot our film.” We wrote down the addresses on pieces of paper and took pictures and found our dream locations. So, blessed readers, any of you have friends here, here, or here?

UPDATE: An awesome co-worker at the beloved day job has an in at the Ace! He’s gonna pass on the good word. Things like this happen and you think god must be a movie buff.

We’ve also legitimized ourselves. The screenplay has been officially submitted to the United States Copyright Office. We can now freely pass out copies of the script like enticing candy that lures children into white vans.

And the wheels have begun to roll on the LLC wagon. Ariana, Jeffrey, Brandon, and I are soon to be the Organizers and Managers of Such a Pretty Garden, LLC.

We’re getting there. Sometimes this endeavor feels like looking into a big pile of string that you’re convinced is your job to unravel and you’re poking around looking for the end of the string and soon, you realize you’re bound up in string, no closer to finding either end and now all of the sudden you have to pee.

To come…a list of things we need and how you can help!

(SPOILER: You will be able to help by giving us the things we need.)

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