Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Shooting Script by the Numbers

Do you love stats? Here are a few:


Number of roles (not counting extras): 23
Ratio of female to male roles: 11:12
Number of swear words spoken: 21
Instances of the word "potato": 8
Approximate age of youngest character and oldest character, respectively: 25, 60
Number of scenes involving a swimming pool: 2
Number of statues of former Presidents of the United States: 1
Ratio of action vehicles to parking tickets issued: 9:4
Number of separate locations: 35
Percentage that are commercially owned: 26
Minimum number of alcoholic drinks consumed: 18
Number of medicinal drinks: 1
Amount a main character claims is in his wallet when asked if he'd like to buy another character's artwork: $10


Clutterchick said...

Just wondering if there's a stat on how many times a character says "bone-in rump roast"...

Clutterchick said...

hey. how come your comment counter don't work?