Thursday, April 24, 2008

Inspiration Weekend, part II

So why is Audio Cinema our new best friend?

Their website says they are a “production facility” dedicated to serving “the culture producing community by providing a space to work, play, perform, network, screen, rehearse, exhibit, produce, record, shoot, fundraise, teach, eat, and drink.” Neat.

It’s located in one of the coolest parts of Portland—the eastside riverfront industrial area—right underneath the Hawthorne Bridge. And the space is cavernous and old and has lots of rooms and offices and basements and such. They also sell Stella (good beer, mignon website) in the bottle for 3 bucks. Extra neat.

On Saturday they held a monthly Portland Independent Film Night, hosted by Los Moustachios, a spunky group of young men who seem to be quite familiar with audio visual equipment and enjoy making hilarious short films. Fully neat.

When I stumbled across the announcement for this event I decided the whole Company should attend to both see what other lusty film builders were up to and to talk to said individuals in a practice known as Networking. We have unofficially nominated Jeffrey as our unofficial communicator with the outside world as he is confident and even eloquent around people he doesn’t know. But it turned out Jeffrey and Ariana could not come. That left “talking to people” to either Brandon or me. It was not going to be Brandon, so that left me. Crap. Not neat.

Amazingly and thankfully, I introduced myself to office supervisor/ bartender Kelly and the Networking was done. She introduced us to every person of worth who walked by the bar. We met directors, actors, a/v guys, and all sorts of other people who were into making and watching no-budget cinema. Unassailably and undeniably super neat.

So we will continue our relationship with this wonderful place, with wonderful Kelly and her wonderful gang of fresh-faced indifilm enthusiasts. Love and kisses, Audio Cinema. See you soon.

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